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LaLiga introduces nominal ticketing

LaLiga is set to introduce nominal ticketing this season, to help avoid violence at football matches. 

The Spanish football league has said that online tickets will be nominal, meaning they will have the name of the buyer on them. This is in line with with a decision adopted within CEVRXID (National Commission Against Violence in Sports Shows). 

There will also be a reinforcement of verification systems at the entrances to stadiums for home and away fans. It is hoped the new nominative sales process will increase security at LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank matches to prevent violence.

Florentino Villabona, director of integrity and security at LaLiga, said: “We have data that confirms the downward trend in the activity of risk fan groups linked to LaLiga teams, especially in the one linked to LaLiga Santander or LaLiga SmartBank matches.

“In the stadiums of LaLiga clubs, risk incidents are practically non-existent, and in the last five years they remain at an average of 14 incidents per season, well below the average of other major European leagues.

“This is the result of the close collaboration in recent years between public and private security. In addition, we continue to work on new measures that can help with the State Security Corps and Forces.”

It is hoped that named ticketing will target activity surrounding violence, racism and xenophobia. For example, there has been a rise in complaints surrounding chants that incite violence and intolerance.

Image: Gregorio Cavana on Unsplash