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Megatix reunites with Perth Royal Show for second year

Featured image credit: Sebastian Davenport-Handley on Unsplash

Megatix will continue to provide its ticketing services for the Perth Royal Show for another year, after it was originally brought in to keep visitors safe towards the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last year, the Western Australia-based ticketing company aided the event during a time of restrictions in the country, with purpose-built solutions that included automatic contact-tracing for all ticket-holders and a camera system to provide live data on crowd density.

Megatix will continue to focus on boosting efficiency, with ticket-holders able to add tickets to a Google or Android phone wallet and even faster entry scanning. Show exhibitors, competitors and staff at the Perth Royal Show will also be able to utilise a digital dashboard to manage their own limited-access passes.

Extra measures have been put in place to protect residents in Australia against an accidental introduction and foot-and-mouth disease, and Megatix has embedded visitor consent to health and biosecurity protocols within the ticket at point of purchase.

Michelle Carey, commercial manager at the Royal Agricultural Society of WA, said: “One of the major benefits of working with Megatix is the technology can be tailored to suit our needs. This was really highlighted by their ability to help with our COVID-related challenges last year.

“Megatix also significantly sped up our ticket-scanning and online sales. On our busiest day last year, we were able to scan through 16,000 tickets per hour, which reduced queuing at entrances and helped us comply with our social distancing requirements. In addition, the processing time for online ticket sales was the best we ever had, with an average of over two tickets sold per second.”

Co-founder of Megatix Roshan Odhavji added: “Large-scale events like the Perth Royal Show face different challenges every year, so it’s vital that the ticketing technology they use is flexible enough to meet their changing requirements. Our customisable system means that we are able to tailor our solutions depending on the clients’ needs.”