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Paramore opts for Ticketmaster to limit pricy resales and scalping

Featured image credit: Hugo Chisholm/ CC BY-SA 2.5/ Edited for size

Rock band Paramore will utilise Ticketmaster’s ‘Face Value Ticket Exchange’ for their upcoming tour to prevent expensive resales.

Paramore is set to begin a concert series in the US with stops in California, Nebraska, Utah, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas and Florida as well as Toronto in Canada and Mexico City in Mexico.

Those looking to attend the Los Angeles show had to obtain a mobile ticket through the ‘Ticket Request Program’ or the ‘Face Value Ticket Exchange’. This means that prospective buyers had to select their ticket information such as quantity and date, and enter their payment details by September 14.

Then, applicants were selected by Ticketmaster at random and automatically charged for the tickets. If these early buyers are no longer able to attend the show, they are able to list them via the ‘Face Value Ticket Exchange’.

This is also the place where fans that failed to secure tickets through the Request Program can purchase tickets.

Paramore said: “We are working with Ticketmaster to ensure tickets end up in the hands of our fans at face value. LA tickets are only eligible to be purchased and resold through Ticketmaster’s Face Value Ticket Exchange.

“The Face Value Exchange will allow fans to offer their tickets for resale at face value exclusively through Ticketmaster and will not be eligible to resell on third-party sites for profit.”

A New York show has also been added for November, with a portion of each ticket sold donated to charity.

In a statement on Twitter, Paramore said: “As many of you know, we partnered with Ticketmaster for our Los Angeles shows to control the ability to resell tickets strictly through Ticketmaster’s Ticket Exchange Program, preventing anyone from reselling tickets for profit.

“We really wanted to use the same program for this show, but unfortunately New York State law does not allow for the restriction of ticket resale pricing. However, the new law does require resellers to disclose what they originally paid for the ticket alongside their asking price.

“We heard your feedback and plan to implement the Ticket Exchange Program moving forward whenever possible, but every show’s ability to participate will rely on their respective state laws. With that said, we’re still doing our best to get NYC tickets in the hands of our fans by using Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan platform.”