Inter, AC Milan dampen fans’ fears over ticket prices at new stadium 

Featured image credit: Nuovo Stadio Milan

Football fans in Milan have voiced their concerns over ticket prices for a proposed Nuovo Stadio Milan (pictured), as public debate around the project commenced yesterday (Wednesday). 

However, both Inter Milan and AC Milan have said that ticket prices will not rise after the clubs make their move to the finished stadium.

As reported by Calcioe Finanza, director of infrastructure development at Inter Milan Mark Van Huusloot said: “Our project involves a stadium of 60-65,000 seats. What we will try to do is fill the stadium at each game, which is not happening right now.

“We have sales and employment that is less than 65,000 seats, plus we want to increase the level of corporate hospitality.”

He added: “This is also to facilitate the price management that we want to apply. [We will] have some price moderation, avoiding large increases for the public. I am confident that we will be able to please all the fans.”

The San Siro had been expected to be partially demolished after holding the opening ceremony of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, and converted as part of a wider sports and entertainment district.

However, it has been revealed that this plan has changed and the San Siro is now set to be demolished completely after Inter and Milan move into their new home in 2027. This is to better accommodate the proposed sports and entertainment district which will also include a public park.

Milan advisor Guiseppe Bonomi also helped to dispel fans’ fears over pricing, arguing that attendances never reach that level and money can be made through more substantial hospitality offerings.

Bonomi said: “And then we foresee, in order to increase our revenues, a discreet space – I would say substantial – for so-called hospitality. Precisely that space will allow the two clubs to make a thoughtful pricing policy that will tend to calibrate the prices themselves. So our fans don’t have to worry.”

He added: “To regain competitiveness we need a new, modern facility that better meets the needs of us and those of our fans. We need a stadium that generates more revenue than the current one.

“The difference in ticket revenue between Milan and Inter and major European teams such as Bayern, Real Madrid or Barcelona ranges from €80m (£61m/$78m) to €140m.

“This says a lot about the fact that for the teams, to recover an international competitiveness, which serves the clubs but which then reverberates positively on the city, one of the levers of the territorial systems is sports competitions.”