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Tech Stack: OVG, ParkHub and more…

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Our weekly tech round-up from the world of ticketing and associated industries…

OVG partners ParkHub

Oak View Group is to begin implementing a new preferred parking management technology to optimise parking operations, facilitate payments and deliver real-time business insights at numerous venues through a new partnership with ParkHub.

ParkHub will deliver to OVG-managed assets cloud-based, real-time reporting that enables the company and its properties to ascertain insights and trends, such as arrival patterns and spending behaviours, while remaining flexible on ticketing authentication providers like AXS, Ticketmaster, Tickets.com and others.

“With a heavy focus on customer experience at all of our properties, which begins with the arrival at a venue and parking – and oftentimes with the initial purchase of parking in tandem with ticketing, I am very excited for our new partnership with ParkHub to further ensure a great guest experience, maximise revenues, and use the data analytics to truly optimise our operations,” said Joe Leung, vice-president of OVG360’s parking and mobility division.

Fortress Vault launched

Fortress Blockchain Technologies has teamed up with Google Cloud’s web3 division to create a new private data storage service, Fortress Vault.

The Fortress Vault helps companies across industry verticals protect their tokenised intellectual property (IP) and assets by privately storing the content with the accessibility, privacy, portability, and provenance that blockchain enables.

Fortress said documents can now be encrypted, stored, tracked, referenced, and accessed with clear provenance, established ownership, and records of authenticity that do not risk human error, mistaken identity, or expose private data.

It added that Vault is a significant innovation in its ability to maintain the integrity of non-public data accessible through NFTs in industries like music, event ticketing, gaming, finance, transportation, real estate, and healthcare. Prior to Vault, content on the blockchain was either publicly viewable or had to be hosted on unsupervised databases on distributed computers around the world.

“NFTs aren’t just expensive jpegs,” said Kevin Lehtiniitty, co-founder and chief technology officer of Fortress. “NFTs are a technology that allow us to access unique or non-fungible data via a distributed ledger to prove the authenticity and establish the provenance of the asset. If you can pair the token to data that is accessible exclusively by the token holder — and only to the token holder — then NFTs become a digital key to unlock everything from music to event tickets to real estate deeds to healthcare records to estate documents, essentially to everything in the world that’s digital.”

Mastercard’s fraud solution

Mastercard and Ravelin, a leading machine learning fraud platform, have joined forces to deliver an enhanced fraud solution.

Incorporating digital identity verification capabilities from Ekata and real-time fraud insights from Ethoca, Ravelin will help merchants validate a consumer’s identity without adding friction to the process.

During a user’s first transaction, Ravelin will draw on Ekata’s transaction risk API to verify the user’s identity. Ekata then provides a risk score, enabling businesses to make more accurate decisions. Post-transaction, Ravelin will help merchants deflect fraud and prevent chargebacks with Ethoca Alerts and Ethoca Consumer Clarity.

Algorand joins Arab meta concert

MetaBoundless has partnered with the Algorand Foundation to organise and sponsor the first Arab music concert in the metaverse. Attendees of the ‘Concert of the Future — A Step into the Metaverse’ will mint NFTs serving as their digital ticket into the show, with the artists featuring as NFT avatars.

The virtual concert will be released live to fans on October 20, starring Ragheb Alama, Saad Lamjarred and Michel Fadel, composing new and old hits from these artists.

Shamir Ozery, head of web3 at the Algorand Foundation, said: “We’re excited to be part of the Middle East’s first-ever metaverse concert. The artist avatar NFTs will serve not only as a commemorative token of a user’s participation in this first-of-its-kind experience but also to build a community among attendees and demonstrate utility, serving as each guest’s ticket into the virtual experience. It is a great opportunity for music fans to experience first-hand some of the creative use cases for digital assets beyond cryptocurrencies.”