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Semnox RFID solution implemented at Fun City venues across Middle East

Featured image credit: Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Semnox Solutions, a provider of technology for the entertainment and amusement industry, has implemented its Parafait RFID cashless solution at Fun City venues across the Middle East. 

Landmark Group’s Fun City venues can be found across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and India.

Fun City venues in India have already utilised the Parafait system across its 30 branches. The technology will now be expanded to 50 locations in the Middle East. The move will see the migration of more than one million customers from the existing magnetic swipe card system to the Parafait RFID Card system from Semnox.

Semnox Solutions implemented the new system across all branches in just over three months. The Fun City brand includes Fun Ville, Fun Block and Fun Works with guests able to enjoy redemption games, novelty games, video games, skill games, big rides and play areas.

Over 4,500 Lumin RFID readers have been installed across Fun City’s complexes so that visitors can simply tap their game cards and play. The integration also means that guests can use their card across all branches.

Silvio Liedtke, chief executive of Landmark Leisure, said: “After a detailed review of our IT and POS infrastructure to ensure it stays future-proof and gives us the flexibility and speed required, we have chosen Semnox as our new partners.

“This will also enable us to further integrate both of our GCC and India operations in many aspects of running our operations. Semnox has not only been proven to provide great value but also provides a very robust and forward-thinking infrastructure enabling us to go to the next step in our evolution.”