Brown Paper Tickets still owes millions to event producers and ticket buyers

Featured image credit: Skyler Gerald on Unsplash

Ticketing company Brown Paper Tickets still owes millions of dollars despite a settlement with the Washington State Attorney General. 

According to a report from Digital Music News, Brown Paper Tickets was sued in 2020 by the Washington State Attorney General, with claims of the company owing  $6.75m (£6.1m/€7m) to event producers and ticket buyers globally. 

In March last year, the Attorney General’s Office increased the figure to $9m, which was owed to 45,000 event producers and ticket buyers after a further 1,200 complaints about the ticketing company. 

Brown Paper Ticket has paid roughly $7m of the $9m that is owed so far, covering its customers in Washington state. 

Brionna Aho, a spokesperson for the Attorney General, told Digital Music News: “BPT has until December 30 to substantially complete refunds to other customers.”

Michael Sennott, Brown Paper Tickets’ general counsel and chief operating officer, added: “Brown Paper Tickets will continue making daily payments to event organisers and will continue to do so until everyone is paid in full. 

“The Brown Paper Tickets team looks forward to accelerating the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and getting back to focusing on supporting event organisers with their events.”