Elrow Dubai opts for SeatlabNFT to power VIP ticketing

Featured image credit: Luke Dyson/SeatlabNFT

SeatlabNFT has partnered with Elrow Dubai to provide VIP ticketing for its 2023 XXL event.

The NFT ticketing marketplace will provide 2,000 VIP tickets plus sales for the VIP tables at the 8,000-capacity event in February. 

All VIP tickets will be available through SeatlabNFT from November 2 for the event. SeatlabNFT will also be distributing exclusive NFT collectables to all VIP guests, along with various other rewards which will be dropped directly into their digital wallet. 

In a bid to make events more interactive and immersive, there will also be a blockchain installation which guests can interact with through the SeatlabNFT app. Guests can then earn Proof of Attendance badges and unlock further unique rewards. 

Elrow XXL will take place in the Dubai Design District on Saturday February 18. 

SeatlabNFT chief executive Ryan Kenny said: “This partnership is a perfect fit for both ourselves and Elrow as we share the same desire to enhance the immersive nature of live events and increase the feeling of being part of something special.

“By issuing VIP tickets as NFTs, we can interact with ticket holders’ wallets directly via airdrops and other on-site interactive elements. We’re excited to show guests what’s possible with our next-generation ticketing technology.”