Arsenal Women launches Maria Petri Community Ticket Scheme

Featured image credit: Katie Chan/CC BY-SA 4.0/Edited for size

Arsenal Women has launched a new community ticketing scheme in honour of the late super-supporter, Maria Petri.

The two season tickets held by Petri have been retained by the club and are being donated to members of Arsenal in the Community for every home game. The project will be named the Maria Petri Community Ticket Scheme.

Petri was a lifelong supporter of Arsenal and Arsenal Women, and often watched the youth games.

For Arsenal’s game against West Ham in the Women’s Super League (WSL) two guests that were part of the club’s Coach Development Programme were invited.

One of the guests, Rebecca Finch, said: “I’ve always been an Arsenal fan, ever since I remember. My dad passed his love of the game and the club onto me, taking me to my first ever game at Highbury. I’ve been supporting them ever since.

“I remember watching a ‘Get to know Maria’ interview on the Arsenal Women Instagram page. I’d heard stories about her support of the club over the years and could finally put a face to the name. She’s truly an Arsenal legend in her own right.”

Billie Graham, another guest and part of the Coach Development Programme, added: “I met Maria a couple of years ago away at Watford. We were waiting late at night in the cold after the game to wave the players off and we spoke about the win for Arsenal.

“I’m currently representing the club as a coach in the community on the CDP programme and I think Maria would be proud that her tickets are being used in this way.”

Graham added: “I’ve supported Arsenal since I was seven, and one of my favourite Arsenal moments is a recent one – seeing the record-breaking attendance for the Women at the Emirates.”