Rugby Football Union raises England Six Nations ticket prices – report

Featured image credit: Diliff/ CC BY-SA 3.0/ Edited for size

Featured image credit: Diliff/ CC BY-SA 3.0/ Edited for size

The Rugby Football Union has hiked up ticket prices for next year’s Six Nations, to help cover overheads due to inflation.

As reported by the Guardian, the RFU had decided that prices for the 2022-23 season would rise roughly in line with inflation. 

However, due to the surging energy prices and rise in supplier costs like hotels, travel and matchday staff, the RFU has decided to add a further increase of £5 ($6/€6) for England’s home fixtures against Scotland and France, and a rise of £2 for the Italy fixture at Twickenham (pictured). 

Changes were not made in time for England’s upcoming autumn fixtures but have been made for the Six Nations, with hopes to bring in a further £800,000 to help mitigate against increased costs. 

The RFU has yet to sell out autumn fixtures against Argentina or Japan according to the report, but marquee matches against the likes of New Zealand could sell out multiple times over and are worth a lot to the union. 

Prior to the decision being made surrounding an increase to Six Nations prices, the proposed £5 rise would see more than two-thirds of tickets costing more than £100. The RFU acknowledged that this would affect demand it that it would not affect attendances.