Indonesia music body claims events at risk of cancellation following overcrowding issues

Featured image credit: Sebastian Ervi on Unsplash

Concert organiser Asosiasi Promotor Musik Indonesia (APMI) has claimed that major music events in Indonesia are facing the possibility of cancellation, following an overcrowding incident at Berdendang Bergoyang festival last weekend.

In a statement to Indonesian news outlet Detik, the association of music promoters said that it was uncertain if concerts and festivals planned in Indonesia would be able to secure the necessary permits. 

Taking place in the same weekend as the deadly crowd crush in Seoul, which saw 156 people killed, Berdendang Bergoyang festival was shut down by police after more than 20,000 attendees were packed into the 10,000-capacity Istora Senayan stadium.

AMPI has claimed officials could have a tougher stance on concerts and festivals, which would effect events like Soundrenaline, Head in the Clouds and Djakarta Warehouse Party. All these events are set to take place between now and early December. 

Emil Mahyudin, APMI secretary general, told Detik: “The wildest issue is that all events may not be held until December 2022, then maybe we can only go ahead with them in 2023. Now without downplaying other scheduled events, if all events are not allowed in 2022 we will lose the three big events, Soundrenaline, HITC, DWP, and well, that’s not good for us.”

While there has yet to be an official confirmation on events being fully cancelled, a couple of concerts have reportedly been cancelled due to crowd control issues. Metal band Avhath were due to perform at The Brightsport Market, which is currently running until November 6, but announced they would not be performing because of a ‘crowd control issue from the government’. 

There are further reports of cancellations with Slank’s ‘Beautiful Smile Indonesia’ tour in Palembang axed following discussions between organisers and the local government.