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SmartLedger launches NFT ticketing platform TicketMint

Featured image credit: TicketMint

SmartLedger has launched a new NFT smart ticketing platform, TicketMint, which provides an on-chain digital multimedia collectible ticket and enables event creators and ticket issuers to guarantee authenticity of tickets, control prices and increase engagement. 

In October, TicketMint was tested for the first time at an educational luncheon and summit at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Attendees were provided with a limited-edition, collectible NFT (non-fungible token) ticket with enriched media, including an all-access pass to the event, bar and valet parking. 

The platform will be used once more for another educational and networking event in December at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, in Washington DC. 

Gregory Ward, co-creator of TicketMint and chief development officer at SmartLedger, a blockchain distribution channel, said: “TicketMint helps foster a much closer connection between artists, fans, event organisers and brands by incentivising and rewarding fans with NFT collectibles, real-life experiences, and making events more interactive.”

He added: “As a ticketing platform, TicketMint will help capture lost revenues and increase sales by mitigating fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting. This reduces the impact of ticket scalping and price gouging by allowing artists and event organisers to regain control of the secondary ticketing market.”

Bryan Daugherty, co-founder of SmartLedger and public policy director for the Bitcoin Association, said: “TicketMint has solved the global fraudulent event ticketing problem by utilising blockchain to allow artists and event venues to issue and release uniquely numbered and timestamped digital tickets. These utility NFT’s offers gated access to physical or virtual events.

“The platform allows granular control of pricing and sales in secondary markets mitigating if not eliminating the ability of scalping. Additionally, digital amenities and upgrades can be added to any ticket for extra rewards, redeemable perks, and VIP access.”