England vs Wales World Cup clash fails to sell out

Featured image credit: Fauzan Saari on Unsplash

Today’s (Tuesday’s) match between England and Wales at the World Cup in Qatar has failed to sell out.

According to an article from MailOnline, tickets were still available through official channels yesterday.

Resale sites have also seen a rise in the number of tickets to see Qatar’s final group match against the Netherlands, after the hosts were eliminated by losing its first two matches.

Around 10,000 fans from England and Wales are expected to watch the match, along with other international and Qatari fans, at the 45,000-capacity Ahmad bin Ali Stadium.

It will be a tricky task for Wales to advance from the group stages, but not impossible. England are currently top of Group B with four points, Iran second with three points, USA third with two points and Wales last with one point.

Wales must beat England to have any chance of going through; a draw or a loss would mean the country will be going home.

It then depends on the outcome of Iran vs USA – if this match ends in a draw, Wales can beat England by any score to progress, as the country’s goal difference would be better than Iran’s.

If Iran wins, it would take the country to six points and if the USA wins, it would take the side to five points and out of reach of Wales. If this happened, Wales would need to beat England by at least four goals, knocking its neighbours out of the competition, to go through.

For England to be knocked out of the tournament, Wales would have to beat the country 4-0 and Iran would need to beat the USA.

Despite empty seats at the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA recently announced that attendance for the first round of matches amounted to 94% compared to stadium capacities.