Liverpool questions Real Madrid over low ticket allocation

Featured image credit: Finn on Unsplash

Premier League club Liverpool has received an allocation of just 1,800 tickets for the UEFA Champions League away fixture against Real Madrid, at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in March.

The club said in a statement: “This allocation is significantly less than expected for this game.

“The club has contacted UEFA and Real Madrid regarding the reduced allocation to understand the rationale behind this decision.”

Liverpool will host Real Madrid in the round of 16 at Anfield on February 21 with the return game in Madrid on March 15. 

Spirit of Shankly, the official Supporters Trust, and the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association have also asked the club to raise concerts and for them to remain in dialogue throughout the process. 

The statement added: “LFC is committed to having as many supporters as possible in stadiums for European away fixtures and continues to develop its systems and processes to fill allocations at every away game.

“The club fully understands the impact this initial decision by Real Madrid has on supporters and the challenges with making travel arrangements for the game.”

Liverpool also said that it was in direct contact with the Supporters Trust and the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association to explore all options to increase the allocation, particularly for disable supporters. 

The club will update supporters once the ticket allocation is confirmed.