Skillbox to ticket India’s Viacom VH1 Supersonic dance festival

Featured image credit: Aurélien from Pixabay

Featured image credit: Aurélien from Pixabay

Viacom VH1 Supersonic festival has selected Skillbox, the Indian live entertainment and ticketing platform, to power ticketing tech.

The deal also includes ticketing for after parties and arcade live stage and takeover events for the beach music EDM destination, which takes place over three days at Mahalakshmi Lawns in Pune in February. Through the partnership, Skillbox will power end to end ticketing experience for attendees, right from purchase of tickets to on box office solutions and gate management.

Skillbox will integrate with Supersonic’s website, allowing fans to buy tickets directly from the festival platforms for the first time as part of the white labeling solution offered by SkillBox. Outside of the festival website, tickets will also be available on Skillbox’s website and app, exclusively.

In another first for the festival, attendees will also be able to pre-fill money on their RFID bands online, significantly lowering wait time for refills on ground and avoiding network issues which typically face high footfall events.

Anmol Kukreja, chief executive of Skillbox, said: “We are thrilled to partner with VH1 Supersonic. The festival has an eight-year legacy of putting together one of the biggest music festivals in India with a loyal fan following. The festival’s website is the most accessed touch point  for attendees in the lead up to the festival.

“Skillbox’s white label solution for our strategic partners helps shrink the gap between fans and the festival by directly making tickets accessible and leveraging the platform’s on-ground management expertise. Our aim is to create as seamless an experience as possible for attendees, lowering the time it takes them to get from the time they enter the festival gates to their favourite stage.”