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Queensland arts organisations to receive funding through Plus1 programme

Featured image credit: Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Queensland arts organisations will receive a boost from the local government to support growth through the new Strategic Partnerships Fund. 

Nine arts companies will receive funding through the national Creative Partnerships Australia (CPA) Plus1 programme.

The Queensland Government will invest up to A$376,500 (£206,000/€236,000/$250,000) in nine arts organisations to leverage additional revenue through the scheme. The CPA Plus1 programme identified a number of applications as part of a peer assessment process, and through the Strategic Partnerships Fund investment, the local government has been able to increase the number of Queensland organisations to benefit from the programme in its latest round.

Australia’s Minister for the Arts Leeanne Enoch said: “The Strategic Partnerships Fund will support Access Arts, Australasian Dance Company, Australian Festival of Chamber Music, Ballet Theatre of Queensland, Camerata, Dancenorth, Institute of Modern Art, La Boite and Topology to strengthen their fundraising efforts, secure good jobs and grow new investment in the arts sector.

“These nine arts companies were identified through a Palaszczuk Government partnership with the national CPA Plus1 program.

“Our investment for nine Queensland arts companies builds on CPA’s support for five arts organisations that secured Plus1 funding earlier this year (QMusic, BlakDance Australia, Vulcana Women’s Circus, Red Ridge Interior Queensland and Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts), boosting arts sector access to revenue streams through matched-funded donor campaigns.”

Enoch added: “Our partnership with CPA will help ensure that funding organisations, philanthropists, government and community members can work together to accelerate the growth of our arts sector and to amplify positive arts impacts and investment outcomes.

“This commitment has the potential to raise at least an additional A$376,500 in funding from non-Government sources, boosting the overall investment in small to medium arts organisations in Queensland.”

Creative Partnerships chief executive Fiona Menzies said: “Over the last ten years, the Plus1 program has been a turning point for many organisations in their fundraising. Matched funding provides an incentive for donors, while the program provides an opportunity for organisations to succeed and gain momentum in fundraising.

“Fundraising is, of course, about more than just money, it is about building a community of supporters for arts organisations and the impact they have on their communities. We are thrilled that this opportunity is being extended to additional organisations in Queensland through this partnership.”