CardsPal named official ticketing partner for finance festival

Featured image credit: Scott Graham on Unsplash

Featured image credit: Scott Graham on Unsplash

Singapore-based lifestyle app CardsPal has been appointed as the official ticketing partner for Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2023.

The partnership follows the launch of e-ticketing from CardsPal in September last year. CardsPal then went on to partner with Glowhard, a Singapore hard dance music festival, in November.

While Seedly Finance Festival is a different type of event to Glowhard, it is still another partnership in CardsPal’s ticketing repertoire. Seedly is a finance assistant platform that helps users to make financial decisions.

The finance event will take place in April and will be held at The Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. The festival will focus on helping individuals of varying financial literacy to take control of their personal finances and plan for future events, such as retirement.

Users can use the new web function to purchase and manage their event tickets, without needing to download the CardsPal app.

Gary Garcia, head of marketing for CardsPal, said: “It was all hands on deck to launch our e-ticketing web feature when we got feedback that key partners like Seedly prefer a more frictionless ticketing purchase journey.”

Saim Yeong, co-founder and chief executive of CardsPal, added: “With post-pandemic events now happening every week in Singapore, CardsPal is looking to provide a more unique end-to-end experience for event goers and organisers, from buying and selling of tickets to the bundling of deals pre, during and post event to discover which card you should use for your purchases.”

Head of Seedly, Yeap Ming Feng, said: “We started planning for the personal finance festival looking for an organisation that can cater to our ticket needs while providing onsite support to our event. Given that the upcoming event is a physical one, CardsPal’s experience from events such as Glowhard is something we appreciate, and we look forward to this collaboration.”