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Shanghai Disneyland to increase ticket prices

Featured image credit: Taha on Unsplash

Shanghai Disneyland management has revealed a series of park ticket price increases that will be implemented from June 23.

At present, a regular day pass costs RMB 453 (£53/€60/$63) which will increase to RMB 475 in June, while a special regular day pass currently sets back Disney fans RMB 545. From the summer, this pass will cost RMB 599. The regular day pass covers most weekdays and some weekends, while the special regular day pass covers some weekends and some weekdays. 

A peak day pass will rise to RMB 719 from RMB 659, which covers most days during the summer, the holidays and breaks and some Chinese statutory holidays. It also covers some other days outside of these dates, international festival celebrations, park special events days and other peak passenger days. 

The new price of special peak day pass will amount to RMB 799, up from RMB 769 and will cover some Chinese statutory holidays and holidays, park special event days and some summer dates. 

Children between the ages of three and 11, disabled tourists and those over the age of 60 will still have access to a 25% discount when purchasing tickets. Infants under three-years-old or that are shorter than one metre can still enter the park without a ticket. 

In a statement, the Shanghai International Theme Park and Resort Management Company said: “Since its opening, Shanghai Disney Resort has continued to develop innovative products and improve the ticketing system to better meet consumers’ travel habits. The current four-level fare structure allows the resort to effectively guide the seasonal passenger flow distribution throughout the year to optimise the tourist experience to a greater extent.”

Tourists will still be able to enjoy all projects and performances in the seven theme parks with a Shanghai Disneyland ticket, with the exception of special services, facilities and activities that are charged separately.

The statement added that the Shanghai Disneyland annual card will still continue to be one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy the theme park.