Corriere dello Sport-Stadio teams up with Vivaticket

Featured image credit: Simone Daino on Unsplash

Italian media outlet and newspaper Corriere dello Sport-Stadio has partnered with Vivaticket to sell tickets for sporting matches, concerts and other events.

Vivaticket is an operator in the creation, production, marketing and management of integrated electronic ticketing and access control systems.

Starting from this month, readers will be able to purchase tickets through the newly created Vivaticket Corriere dello Sport-Stadio platform.

Sports fans will be able to read about their team, or about their favourite artist, before using the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio-branded platform to purchase tickets.

Paolo Potitò, head of content of the digital division of the Amodei Group, said: “Our goal is an increasingly complete offer for our users. We believe that the passion for sport is perfectly in line with that for music and entertainment. We operate in the sphere of entertainment, we offer moments of leisure in which direct participation is central.

“This is why we have decided to add the ticketing offer by defining the agreement with an important partner such as Vivaticket. This is the first of a series of innovations that will be introduced in 2023 and will see our sites consolidate their leadership position in the national landscape.”

Silvano Taiani, chief executive of Vivaticket, added: “We are excited about this new partnership with Corriere dello Sport-Stadio. Collaborating with a newspaper of this depth and prestige will certainly bring us great advantages, both in terms of the audience, reaching new targets, and in terms of visibility. The Vivaticket-Corriere dello sport pairing is an unprecedented novelty.”