Live Nation found not legally liable for man shot during 2014 tour

Featured image credit: Danny Howe on Unsplash

Live Nation has been found not legally liable for the death of a man that was shot and killed during a music tour in 2014.

The California Court of Appeal has ruled the entertainment company not liable for the death of Eric Johnson Jr, an event promoter that was killed during rapper Young Jeezy’s Under the Influence of Music tour. 

According to a report from Variety, which obtained the ruling from earlier this week, Live Nation presented enough evidence to establish that the shooting backstage in a San Francisco venue ‘was not reasonably foreseeable’. This means that ‘they had no duty to prevent the third-party criminal attack on [Johnson]’. 

The report added that Johnson’s family had previously accused Live Nation of being legally negligent, and had not provide enough security measures. The court decided the attack was the kid of occurrence that Live Nation was legally required to provide preventative measures for. 

The ruling stated: “Based on reports from prior stops on the Under the Influence Tour, Live Nation’s security team anticipated a difficult crowd. 

“The reports showed fights had occurred in some crowds and indicated the crowds in general had not respected physical barriers. The reports did not, however, indicate that any of the artists or their entourages engaged in or posed any danger of violence during the tour.”