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US indie promoters join forces to form LiveCo

Featured image credit: LiveCo

Independent promoters have teamed up in the US to create a new company to help expand the live entertainment industry. 

LiveCo brings together Base Entertainment, Premier Productions, Icon Concerts, Rush Concerts and Peachtree Entertainment, with financial backing from Waterland Private Equity.

Leading the team will be Brian Becker, who has previously served as chief operating officer of SFX, and as chief executive of Clear Channel Entertainment and Base Entertainment. Making up the team will be Michael Pugh and Shane Quick from Premier Productions, Icon Concerts’ Paul Meloche, Jacob Reiser from Rush Concerts, Mark Maluso from Base Entertainment and Bradley Jordan from Peachtree Entertainment.

Becker said: “Our goal is to make a difference in specific areas of the live event space. By being able to focus in on key strategic genres where we see tremendous value and room for growth, and delivering a personalised strategy, we can create exciting new opportunities for both performers and fans.”

LiveCo will work to produce events featuring artists from a wide range of genres, including country, comedy, magic, faith, family entertainment, variety and festivals.

Meloche added: “We are committing resources to artists, genres, venues, and markets we believe in and can add value to. There is tremendous opportunity in our areas of focus, both in terms of what is already there and what we can develop in partnership with them.”

LiveCo has developed and will continue to enhance proprietary software and production resources. Having regional offices across the US will also help to assist LiveCo’s mission to cater for existing talent, cultivate rising stars and develop new content, venues and marketplaces.

Quick said: “What makes LiveCo unique is that upon joining our group, everyone is a partner and we welcome promoters and entrepreneurs from all facets of our industry to join us in this venture.

“We want to build this business with a focus on individuals, reflecting the ethos of our company. The door is always open for new companies to join us and we welcome anyone who shares our vision of creating entertainment for all audiences, no matter where in this country they call home.”

Image L to R: Shane Quick, Premier Productions; Tim Ward, LiveCo; Jacob Reiser, Rush Concerts; Paul Meloche, Icon Concerts; Mark Maluso, Base Entertainment; Brian Becker, LiveCo; Mark Dinerstein, Live Co; Michael Pugh, Premier Productions; Dale Head, LiveCo and Bradley Jordan, Peachtree Entertainment.