IBU World Championships Biathlon predicts attendance of over 160,000 fans

Featured image credit: Aaron Doucett on Unsplash

The BMW IBU World Championships Biathlon is set to begin tomorrow (Wednesday) in Oberhof, Germany with more than 160,000 fans expected to attend. 

Some 260 biathlon athletes from 36 different countries will compete across nine competition days between February 8-19.

“We have no doubt it will be a fantastic Championships full of thrilling biathlon and unforgettable athlete performances,” said International Biathlon Union (IBU) president Olle Dahlin. “Oberhof has made significant investment in creating a state-of-the-art and sustainable venue which will provide the perfect conditions for athletes to compete at their very best and support the development of winter sport in the region for years to come.

“With more than 160,000 fans expected to fill this wonderful arena during the Championships we can be assured of an incredible atmosphere to celebrate our sport.”

The World Championships venue is the Arena am Rennsteig, which has been transformed in recent years with sustainability at the core of its development. It has been modernised to minimise energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Heating of the buildings is 100% powered by waste heat generated on site and the energy supply for the World Championships will be covered by certified green energy from renewable hydropower.

Efficient and resource-saving snow management will also be implemented and food will be provided by local suppliers. Local reforestation will be supported by tree sponsorships and the IBU will host a sustainability seminar for its stakeholders on February 9, to inform on biathlon’s continued commitment to sustainability.