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PickleJar introduces indie film-focused platform

Featured image credit: Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Live entertainment and artist payments platform, PickleJar, has expanded its offering to include a platform that has been developed for independent film production companies and filmmakers to promote their films. 

PickleJar Flix will provide production companies the ability to create and manage their own independent film apps and suite of tools. These companies will be able to feature their short films for video on demand purchase, behind-the-scenes content captured during production, the film script, production bible, film artwork, photo gallery and more.

The new platform will be making its debut with the short film, Curiouser, in collaboration with Double J Productions. The production company used PickleJar Flix to create the Curiouser Short Film App, Powered by PickleJar, so that users could watch the 15-minute short film, watch a film blooper reel, cast and crew credits, and more. The app also allows users to cast to a second screen.

PickleJar traditionally works with artists, mid-sized venues and brands within live entertainment to maximise the fan experience. The company’s payments technology, Venue Managed Services, and proprietary performance management tools, help to create direct engagement with fans to increase loyalty.

The new service will also help independent filmmakers with its crowdfunding platform and its original artist payment features, which can help production companies secure financing or increase funds. PickFunder was designed so that artists and creators could keep 100% of the funds that they earn, meaning filmmakers can also fundraise and promote their film.

Kristian Barowsky, president of PickleJar, said: “This creative extension of our service offering is a further example of the great things happening at PickleJar in collaboration with artists. Independent films are meant to spark discussion and share passionate ideas.

“This new platform is another way for fans and film lovers alike to support those in the film industry and give them an inside look at what makes this form of artistic expression so special. With every ticket sold, every view or share, and every crowdfunding dollar raised on PickleJar, fans are supporting the independent cinema community.”