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Cultural organisations go live with new Indigo Share: Subscription package

Featured image credit: Indigo

Indigo, a consultancy focused on the cultural sector, has announced that the first cultural organisations have gone live with the new Indigo Share: Subscription package. 

Indigo Share is a collective approach to audience insight and launched in January this year.

The package continues efforts led by Indigo since March 2020, including the ‘After the Interval’ and ‘Missing Audiences’ campaigns, which aimed to offer a better understanding of cultural audiences, generate UK-wide datasets and equip cultural organisations with actionable insight to survive and thrive.

The new ‘Share’ package will mean cultural organisations across the UK can find out as much information as possible about their audiences, including their profile, behaviour and attitudes, and the impact their organisation is having.

Katy Raines (pictured), Indigo founder and chief executive, said: “During COVID, we saw the power of open and collaborative research. Indigo Share continues this collective approach to ensure the sector is ready to face current and future challenges together.”

Indigo Share: Subscription is set to always have a free entry point to ensure accessibility to audience insights for as many organisations as possible. Aggregate datasets will be shared openly across the sector as well as with industry partners, universities and funding bodies to maximise engagement and insight.

Indigo added that it understands that Arts Council England will no longer mandate the use of one particular survey or tool, so English-funded organisations now have a choice of how to gather audience insight.