Over 1,500 people join model lawsuit against Eventim

Featured image credit: Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

CTS Eventim is at the centre of a model determination lawsuit in a dispute over the refund of tickets prices with more than 1,500 people joining.

A spokesperson for the Consumer Centre Federal Association (VZBV) told the German Press Agency that by the end of February, 1,513 consumers had entered the register of complaints.

The association submitted the model declaratory action to the Bavarian Higher Regional Court in December.

Consumer advocates have complained that the ticket seller maintains part of the ticket price when events are cancelled. For example, when buyers are refunded they are not refunded the booking fee and those that have been affected have been able to join the lawsuit since February 9.

Patrick Langer, officer for model declaratory actions at the Consumer Centre Federal Association, told the German Press Agency: “Many consumers want our help to defend themselves against the company’s actions, even if they often only deal with small individual amounts. All of this shows how significant our model declaratory judgment lawsuit against Eventim is.”

Those affected can also continue to join the lawsuit until the first oral hearing takes place; a date for this has not been set.

The report added that Eventim will apply to the court to reject the model declaratory action.

In a statement to, Eventim said: “The model declaratory action of the VZBV is obviously unfounded and we will defend ourselves against it and apply for its dismissal by the competent court. The business activities of CTS EVENTIM are of course in full compliance with law and order. Specifically with regard to the question of refunds in the event of cancellations or postponements of events at issue here, this has already been explicitly confirmed by various courts of instance and by verdicts of the Federal Court of Justice. We do not expect the outcome of these proceedings to be any different.”