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Skillbox launches artist management agency

Featured image credit: Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Featured image credit: Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Live ticketing and entertainment platform Skillbox has launched a new artist management agency, Level House.

The New Delhi-headquartered platform also revealed that the new division will be headed up by Yama Seth, who was previously with the talent management agency Big Bad Wolf. 

On the decision to introduce a new artist management company, Skillbox chief executive Anmol Kukreja said: “At Skillbox our long term mission is to leverage the power of technology and communities to enable artists to create value from their work. We aim to do this through the various stages of their career. 

“With ticketing, live music data and IPs at the core  of our business, we are uniquely positioned to help musicians take artistry  to the world and create value from it. This is a first for any ticketing platform in the country. It is a very exciting time for the music industry at large and we are thrilled to bring on Yama Seth to lead the division.  As a part of Skillbox our artists will be able to leverage the platform’s insights into live music, access to brands and original IPs.”

The agency has already kickstarted its entry into the sector with contemporary indie rock band Parvaaz and singer-songwriter Sameer Rahat, globally. Level House will also represent pop duo Parekh & Singh in the India region for bookings. 

Seth added: “Breaking it down to the first principle – the intention behind Level House Entertainment is to provide a safe space for artists to wholly be themselves and drive culture the way they want to. 

“As a team, we all resonate with the idea that each artist is unique and they get to carve out their own niche, build their own community as well as businesses and we are here to provide the support structure they need in order to do that. Skillbox has built itself as an artist first brand and I am excited to build on this philosophy as we grow Level House.”