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Our weekly tech round-up from the world of ticketing and associated industries…

Spotify adds new live concert tools

Spotify has introduced new tools to help artists on the streaming service build an audience and grow.

The music giant used its Stream On event to showcase a suite of tools to help artists find fans who would enjoy their music the most, and also announced new features designed to create buzz around their content, merchandise and live events.

The streaming service is adding new concert and merch discovery tools, and users will start to see merch offers and concert listings in far more places across the app. If a user is interested in a live event, they can tap on a new “interested” button to save the event to their own calendar in the Live Events Feed. Users have the option to adjust their location and browse concerts worldwide.

Spotify also unveiled a new feature called “Marquee,” which is a full-screen, sponsored recommendation of a new release. The goal of the feature is to reach listeners who have shown an interest in an artist’s music. Spotify notes that Marquee is 10 times more cost-effective on average at getting listeners to stream music on Spotify than ads on the most popular social media platforms.

Vinenu’s Wiki launch

Vivenu has launched a Wiki service to enhance its customer support experience.

Customers can now use the Wiki to get proactive information and answers to their questions. The Wiki includes an extensive selection of articles about Vivenu product features and functionalities. The Wiki is searchable, updated regularly, and conveniently structured to provide fast answers to the most common questions our customers have.

The Vivenu Wiki is located at the left bottom of the Vivenu dashboard. When clicked, a new tab will open that takes users directly to the welcome page. From here, users can navigate to the sections they require using the menu bar on the left – or click on the search bar to search for specific queries.

Vivenu said: “The Wiki’s coverage is particularly useful for new users who may be unfamiliar with the system. The vivenu Wiki provides detailed explanations of all the keywords used in the system, making it easy for users to understand how they work and how to adjust them to meet specific needs. With step-by-step instructions, users can set up and manage their keywords with ease.”

Ticketor integrates F&B and more

Ticketor, the white-label event ticketing and box-office system, has introduced a new feature to integrate the food, drink and merchandise sales with ticketing and box office.

It allows for a single integrated system to be used for all online and in-person sales including tickets, food, drink, giftshop items and any other merchandise or services that may be offered.

The company said: “With this integrated system, buyers can order food, drink, and giftshop items along with their tickets or donations in one single transaction.

“This new feature makes Ticketor a great fit for all venues and events who also offer food, drink and merchandise.”

Colorado university begins work on tech-focussed theatre

Colorado Mesa University held a ground-breaking ceremony for the new multimillion-dollar CMU Center for the Performing Arts.

The theatre is designed to offer CMU students an elevated performing arts experience and provides them with the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology that will help launch them in their careers after college.

“This is an iconic project that will change the trajectory of so many young people’s lives by exposing them to theatre, art and music that they otherwise might not have seen in western Colorado. It’s exciting to be able to work on a project of this magnitude. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago,” said CMU Vice President of Development and Foundation chief executive Robin Brown.

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