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Ticket resale bill advances in Florida

Featured image credit: Seth Reese on Unsplash

A bill that would require ticket sellers in Florida to let buyers sell or transfer their tickets after purchase has advanced.

Members of the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee voted 6-3 earlier this week for SB 388, which would mean ticket-holders would be able to donate, transfer or resell tickets to a live event.

As per Florida Politics, Republicans chair Jay Trumbull, vice-chair Tom Wright and members Nick DiCeglie, Ed Hooper, Travis Hutson and Ana Maria Rodriquez all voted for the measure. Republican Senator Joe Gruters was absent.

Democratic Senators Shevrin Jones, Linda Stewart and Victor Torres voted no, citing feedback from venue operators and ticket sellers.

The committee also approved an amendment clarifying that if an online reseller wanted to sell a ticket for over $1 more than the original price, it must be very clearly stated on the website that it is not the original seller.

The reseller must also noticeably display that it guarantees a full refund if the event is cancelled, the purchaser is denied admission through no fault of their own, or if the ticket was not delivered properly.