Ticketer launches new ticketing platform for events in Singapore 

Featured image credit: Mike Enerio on Unsplash

Ticketer has announced the launch of a new ticketing platform for events in Singapore. 

The company has designed the platform to make it simple to list events, sell and buy tickets online.

Ticketer’s new platform will offer a range of benefits for event organisers, including a user-friendly interface for the creation and management of events. It will also provide real-time analytics so that event organisers can track ticket sales.

The platform will offer different payment options to enable a smooth customer experience for buyers.

Harshit Garg, director of Ticketer, said: “Our mission at Ticketer is to provide affordable and user-friendly ticketing solutions for event organisers. Our new next-gen ticketing platform is a reflection of this mission, as it offers a range of features that make it easy for event organisers to manage their events, while also providing a hassle-free experience for attendees.”

The new platform can be utilised for a variety of events from clubbing nights through to large-scale conferences.

Garg added: “Our next-gen ticketing platform is a game-changer for the event management industry in Singapore. We believe that our platform will help event organisers to streamline their ticketing process, while also providing attendees with a hassle-free ticketing experience.

“At Ticketer, we are committed to providing the best ticketing solutions, and we are confident that our platform will exceed the expectations of event organisers and attendees alike.”