NFT-TiX partners with first US event

Featured image credit: Headway on Unsplash

NFT-TiX has partnered with Breathe Convention, an event that is focused on accelerating the understanding and adoption of Web3 technology across numerous sectors.

The collaboration will see NFT-TiX provide ticketing services for an event in the US for the first time. 

NFT-TiX is a NFT (non-fungible token) ticketing platform that utilises blockchain technology to deliver secure ticketing solutions for event organisers and attendees. 

Emil R. Ljesnjanin, chief executive of NFT-TiX, said: “We are eager to introduce NFT-TiX to the United States, beginning with the forward-thinking Breathe Convention. Our partnership not only will highlight our joint commitment to innovation but will also underscore our common vision for the evolution of event management, ticketing, and attendee experiences. We are deeply grateful to the Breathe Convention team for embracing this collaboration and joining us on this exhilarating journey.”

The convention is aiming to raise awareness and facilitate the adoption of Web3, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, crypto, DeFi (decentralised finance), the metaverse and NFT technologies across the global economy.

The event will include workshops, panel discussions and keynote presentations.

Shawn Willis, CEO of Breathe Convention, added: “We are delighted to collaborate with NFT-TiX to offer our attendees a secure and innovative NFT ticketing solution. As an organisation that has closely followed market trends within the Web3 space throughout 2022, we are excited to incorporate the  groundbreaking technology of NFT-TiX into our event, further solidifying our dedication to advancing innovation.”

Breathe Convention will take place May 3-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.