NFT Bali brings on board blockchain ticketing provider Insid3rs 

Featured image credit: felfin_photo05 evin on Unsplash

NFT Bali has partnered with blockchain ticketing provider Insid3rs for its second annual month-long conference, discussing Web3 themes and Balinese culture. 

The conference will be held from May 1-31 and will feature a number of activities including workshops, art exhibitions and music performances. Attendees will also be able to explore Bali and Indonesian culture.

Insid3rs co-founder Trevor Williams said: “We’re thrilled to be partnered with NFT Bali, progressing their mission across the globe while offering the most seamless Web3 onboarding possible for attendees. This zero-friction experience is merely the start, as attendees will benefit from dynamic NFTs [non-fungible tokens], deeper brand engagement, and a secure, fair marketplace to sell, loan, rent or auction their tickets if they cannot make it.

“We believe that this partnership will help to showcase the benefits of blockchain technology in the events industry while bolstering Web3’s presence in the Southeast Asia region.”

The event is set to attract those within Web3 including founders, venture capitalists, artists and collectors.

Ty, founder of The Collective Solution, organiser of the conference, said: “We noticed how much people loved meeting each other at events like Art Basel in Miami and NFT NYC. We also recognised not everyone could fly to the US for these events and the emerging markets in the rest of the world were dying to meet in person. This is how we founded NFT Bali.

“By partnering with Insid3rs, we are able to offer our attendees a seamless ticketing experience that is secure, transparent, and hassle-free. We know that using blockchain technology in ticketing is the future, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this innovation.”