Tottenham Hotspur opts to freeze 2023-24 season ticket prices

Featured image credit: Tim Bechervaise on Unsplash

English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur has opted to freeze season ticket prices for the 2023-24 campaign. 

“Due to global economic events we, like all other sectors, are not immune to rising costs and disruption to supply chains, along with higher energy prices,” the club said.

“We are, however, acutely aware that everyone is also currently impacted by the rising cost of living. With this in mind, and following consultation with the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, we can confirm that season ticket prices for the 2023-24 season will be frozen.

“We recognise and greatly appreciate the ongoing commitment our fans continue to make in showing support for the team.”

The renewal window for existing season ticket-holders will open on April 11 with the deadline falling on June 1.

Season ticket-holders should not delete their existing digital season pass stored on their mobile device, as this will be automatically updated ahead of the new season. Those that have been issued with a photo ID stadium access card should also keep the card, as it will remain valid and will be reactivated once holders have renewed.

Tottenham also highlighted that it was able to accommodate over 2,5000 relocations last year, and that supporters should register their interest in relocating seats for next season if they wish. One form per season ticket-holder can be submitted, but supporters must still renew their existing seat before the renewal deadline. Those that wish to relocate in a group must make sure all in the party submit a form.

Following the closure of the renewal period, supporters that have submitted a relocation request will be able to select an alternative seat online. Fans will also be able to request relocations on behalf of other supporters, as long as they are at ‘Managed Level’ within their ‘My Network’.

If the club receives large numbers of requests, supporters will be invited to view potential relocation options online in order of the dates forms were submitted. Priority will be given to those that need to relocate on medical grounds. Relocation requests are also subjected to the availability of seats.

A number of other Premier League clubs have opted to increase their season ticket prices due to rising costs. Liverpool, Arsenal, Nottingham Forest and Manchester United are just some of the clubs that have recently revealed price hikes.