Festival attendees file Live Nation lawsuit following crowd surge

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A lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles claiming that Live Nation “failed to take basic, reasonable steps” to prevent injuries resulting from a stampede during the Lovers & Friends Music Festival in Las Vegas last May.

The complaint from Aaliyah Aguilar, Carla Thomas and James Thomas claimed that the plaintiffs “screamed” for help from the event organisers, security and emergency medical care, but none was forthcoming.

The injuries are said to have been caused during a crowd surge caused by a sudden noise followed by incorrect rumours of gunfire at the festival. The speculation led to a brief pause in the festival, which operated by Live Nation.

The complainants said that they suffered serious injuries and emotional distress resulting from being “pushed, smashed, dragged, kicked, stepped on, trampled and crushed to the ground” by a “sea of people”.

The lawsuit added: “Defendants failed to employ adequate, properly trained, monitored, and supervised reasonable security, safety and medical provision measures. Defendants failed to provide a safe venue, one that provided adequate signs and warnings that would have guided the crowd into a particular emergency exit route in the event of an alarm or emergency.”

Image: Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash