Brits snap up tickets for Paris 2024 Olympics 

Featured Image: Alex Smith on Unsplash

British people have purchased the most tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games outside of France. 

Next year’s Olympics and Paralympics will be the first time the events have been held in Europe since London 2012.

Over 3.25 million tickets were purchased during the first sales phase.

As reported by City A.M, Paris 2024 chief executive Etienne Thobois said: “The memories from 2012 are still around and we kind of piggyback on that. The first phase [of ticket sales] has been fantastically encouraging. We’ve got more than 158 countries represented in the buyers.

“We believe that there is a high expectation, as always, with the Olympics in particular disciplines but the very good surprise was to see that in events less popular in France, like hockey or water polo, [tickets] went very quickly.

“The only question is the football tournament, which drives a lot of matches in a pretty constrained time frame.

“We’ve chosen to take the biggest venues in France so there’s a football challenge but we are confident with the women’s tournament and with people like [Kylian] Mbappe connected with the Games, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to bring the games out of Paris.”

Registration for the second phase of ticket sales is set to end April 20.

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