NFT-TiX switches exclusively to Avalanche

Featured Image: Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

NFT-TiX, a platform for non-fungible token (NFT) ticketing solutions, has switched exclusively to Avalanche, a high-performance, eco-friendly blockchain network designed for decentralised applications.

Avalanche will help NFT-TiX to provide a seamless, reliable and energy-efficient user experience. 

Emil Ljesnjanin, chief executive and founder of NFT-Tix, said: “We are incredibly grateful for the belief and confidence that the Avalanche Foundation has shown in our vision and technology. Their backing has further validated our commitment to revolutionising the ticketing industry while prioritising sustainability and user experience.”

The main developer of Avalanche, Ava Labs, has helped to support NFT-Tix as the platform integrates with the Avalanche ecosystem. 

NFT-TiX will now operate exclusively on Avalanche, offering users new benefits including energy sustainability and fast transactions. The switch allows NFT-TiX to minimise its carbon footprint, with Avalanche using roughly the same amount of energy as just 46 households a year, making it a more eco-friendly protocol. 

Avalanche’s consensus mechanism and scalable infrastructure ensure near-instant transaction finality, allowing NFT-TiX user to quickly buy, sell or trade their NFT tickets. Users will also benefit from gasless transactions through Metakeep.