Chelsea freezes general admission season ticket prices

Featured Image: Stamford Bridge

Premier League club Chelsea has opted to freeze its general admission season ticket prices for the 2023-24 campaign.

Adult general admission (GA) season tickets have been frozen since 2011-12, despite the club reporting matchday costs increasing by 31% since 2018. However, the club said that the current cost-of-living crisis and its performances on the pitch have prompted the Board to maintain current prices. 

“This season has not produced the results that any of us want. We know what we are working towards, but equally we know that will require hard work, determination and commitment. We all want to see Chelsea back where we belong and to share many more winning moments together at Stamford Bridge,” the club said on its website. 

“Equally, we are acutely aware of the rise in cost-of-living and the impact that has on our supporters.

“Looking at all of these factors, the Board has decided to freeze GA season tickets for the 2023-24 season.”

Chelsea added that it is aiming to grow its revenue streams, including matchday, to ensure it is able to operate on a sustainable basis. Next season, the club will review its overall ticketing strategy and approach, while consulting with its Fan Advisory Board and other key stakeholders. 

Discussions will revolve around looking at price points across Stamford Bridge to ensure seats reflect value and demand, alongside a review of the current approach to concessions. 

The club will also continue to offer payment plans to help spread the cost of a season ticket, and the ticket exchange will still be in place for holders to offer unused seats to other season ticket holders and members. 

The deadline to renew for existing season ticket holders is June 2, while those looking to utilise a payment plan will have until May 25 to renew.