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Assomusica challenges Italian Government on nominal ticketing

Featured Image: Rob Simmons on Unsplash

Assomusica president Carlo Parodi has sent proposals to the Italian Government to amend the Opera Foundations Decree, which is currently under examination by the Chamber of Deputies. 

More specifically, Parodi’s proposal is highlighting difficulties surrounding nominal ticketing, which was introduced a few years ago to combat issues in secondary ticketing.

The Association of Organisers and Producers of Live Music Shows’ (Assomusica) president Parodi said: “I have presented two proposals to the Government and Parliament which aim to stabilise the simplified procedures for organising small shows of up to 3,000 spectators and, above all, the abolition of the failed experiment of the nominal ticket.

“Indeed, I would like to underline that the use of the nominal ticket has represented an unnecessary burden for the organisers and, above all, an incomprehensible bureaucratisation of the show for our audience: I am convinced that the majority forces will be able to join our effort to cancel this measure, which has only harmed the public.”

Assomusica has argued that the amendment created issues for spectators and victims including complexities around buying tickets for smaller shows, and the inability to sell that ticket if they are no longer able to attend. And while nominal ticket was introduced in the 2017 Budget Law, it has been able to tackle problems within secondary ticketing.

The abolition of the provisions relating to nominal ticketing is expected from July, but the simplified procedures were made permanent for shows that end by 1am, and for shows with a maximum capacity of 3,000 by the last modification. This was previously 1,000.

Parodi added: “Both proposals have no cost to the state budget and represent simplifications shared with all the players in the supply chain. I therefore hope for sincere support also from a Government that has made simplification its forte.”