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Paris 2024 unveils Paralympics tickets strategy

The city of Paris

Tickets for the Paris 2024 Paralympics are to go on sale from October 9 with half of all tickets available for less than €25.

Some 2.8 million tickets will be placed on sale globally for the whole competition, with no draws for purchasing timeslots.

For the first Paralympic Games to be organised in France, more than 500,000 tickets will be offered at €15, and half of all tickets will be at €25 or less. Exceptional sessions and premium seats will be put on sale at €100.

Organisers said: “Thanks to this price list, Paris 2024 wishes to enable as many people as possible, particularly families, to discover this event in order to increase public enthusiasm and appreciation for Paralympic athletes and sports, while showcasing this increasingly popular elite sports competition.”

Paris 2024 chiefs also said they plan to open ticket sales for the Olympic Games again at the start of summer 2023, focusing mainly on the competitions held in regions outside Paris. These include football in Bordeaux, Nantes, Nice, Marseille, Lyon and Saint-Etienne, as well as handball and basketball in Lille. These will be the first tickets to be sold via direct sales rather than through purchasing timeslots.

In an update following the second sales phase, Paris 2024 chiefs said more than 70% of the 10 million tickets available for the Olympic Games have been sold.

A total of 1.89 million tickets for all 767 sessions were sold during the second phase of ticket sales for the Olympic Games. It set new sales records, with more than one million tickets having been snapped up in only 36 hours. The price range of tickets for the sports competitions was between €24 and €980.

French citizens purchased almost two-thirds of tickets sold (63.5 per cent were French residents, compared to 36.5 per cent from abroad). People from 178 different countries acquired tickets in this phase. The average age of the purchaser was 40. 45 per cent of the purchasers were women and 55 per cent of the French purchasers lived in the Ile-de-France region that includes Paris.

Team sports, which take place in large venues, were the highest sellers as expected. Football was in first place for tickets sold, followed by basketball, handball, athletics and volleyball respectively.

Tickets in all categories for triathlon, sports climbing, BMX racing, BMX freestyle and breaking sold out on the first day they became available in less than two hours.