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Harry Styles fans warned on ticketing ahead of Edinburgh gigs

Featured Image: Lily Redman/ CC BY 2.0/ Edited for size

Harry Styles fans have been warned by BT Murrayfield and Ticketmaster to print out their tickets before making the journey to the singer’s upcoming concerts, following issues at a recent Beyoncé concert. 

Guests were told that they must print their ticket before arriving at the Edinburgh venue, or they will not gain entry.

The warning comes after a number of Beyoncé fans struggled to gain entry to her concert at BT Murrayfield, due to a lack of mobile signal outside of the stadium that led to tickets being inaccessible.

An attendee told Edinburgh News: “It was chaos – folk were unable to get tickets up. They would not accept screenshots either. It took us an hour to get a signal and only because we went to a pub quite a bit away with free Wi-Fi, so stood outside and the app finally worked but loads of folk had same issues and loads of people arrived late to the concert as a result.”

Styles is set to play two shows at the 67,000-capacity BT Murrayfield tomorrow (Friday) and on Saturday, which is part of his Love On Tour.

The British singer was initially due to perform one date, but an extra night was added due to high demand.