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Assomusica chief reveals local impact of live music events

Featured Image: Assomusica

Carlo Parodi, president of Italian organiser and producer organisation Assomusica, has revealed there was a 70% increase in live music in regional locations in 2022 compared to 2019, demonstrating the sector’s fundamental impact on local economies in the country. 

Parodi was talking at ‘Live events as a resource for the valorisation of territories’, which was recently organised by the Assomusica, as part of the Milan Music Week.

He added: “This panel is the natural continuation of a social campaign by Assomusica on the impact and positive consequences that concerts and live shows have on the territories, especially in villages and small towns.”

He revealed that last year, over 31,000 concerts were held in Italy, compared to the 18,000 held in 2019.

“These numbers demonstrate how live shows and contemporary Italian music satisfy the primary need for culture and sociality in the territories,” said Parodi. “A new, accurate sociality that leads to a sense of belonging and pride. A form of that active citizenship that we all hope for.”

Parodi highlighted the additional revenue streams boosted by holding live music performances, including hotel stays and restaurant spend.

Vincenzo Santoro, head of culture, tourism and agriculture at the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), added: “We must not only favour the most important festivals, but guarantee an offer 365 days a year. It is necessary to combat the mortality of cultural centres in small municipalities.

“An issue that needs to be addressed is how to support the cultural offering of live entertainment in smaller municipalities.”

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