Next Fan Up: SeatGeek announces new product launch

Featured Images: SeatGeek

SeatGeek has announced a new product release in the form of Next Fan Up, which will include a suite of features such as an AI-powered Smart Pricing tool. 

The Smart Pricing tool will enable fans to sell their tickets seamlessly through SeatGeek, securing the best value for their seats. Next Fan Up has been launched in anticipation of the Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season, which will begin on March 28.

A survey of season ticket members from SeatGeek last year found that 45% were concerned about having paid for games they would not be able to attend. Additionally, when it came to selling tickets, over a third said they had experienced trouble with setting a price that would see the tickets sold as quickly as possible.

Next Fan Up will enable ticket-holders to sell tickets through SeatGeek, as the AI-powered Smart Pricing tool takes the guesswork out of the process. The tool has been designed to help reflect the full value of each seat, allowing users to automatically track and adjust the price of the ticket to sell them more quickly. Should fans like to price a ticket themselves, SeatGeek will recommend the best price using historical data and insight from nearby seats.

“Our goal for Next Fan Up is to make the ticket-selling experience easier,” said Russ D’Souza, co-founder of SeatGeek.

“We’ve spent the last year reimagining the selling experience on SeatGeek and are releasing another set of industry-first features ahead of the MLB season, which boasts the most games of any US-based sport. Now fans can quickly list, price and sell their tickets for another fan to enjoy.”

Further features include ‘Seat Perks’, which will see every seat automatically tagged with a list of factors that make that seat special, like food and beverage offerings or club access. This means that platform users will receive the full value of the ticket by making it clear the ticket provides an experience, rather than just a seat.

Users will also benefit from Bulk Listing in a series of simple steps. This feature allows for selecting multiple seats, setting the price and posting the ticket listing.

“The new fan-selling features give season ticket members the tools they need to list and sell tickets to games they cannot attend, offering more opportunities for more fans to have memorable days at the ballpark.” said John Weber, senior vice-president, ticket operations & projects of MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies.

“Working with SeatGeek has opened up new avenues for us to enhance the fan experience, and fan selling is a part of that. We’re excited to continue our partnership and set a new standard for fan engagement and satisfaction.”

Next Fan Up features are available for MLB events and other SeatGeek partner events, including the National Football League (NFL) its teams, Paciolan and university athletics programmes, as well as events in the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS), Nascar and more.

At present, Smart Pricing is available in beta for select users and SeatGeek partner events, while Bulk Listing is currently only available on desktop. It is expected to be rolled out to mobile web and apps over the coming weeks for SeatGeek partner events.

Last week, SeatGeek signed an extension with English Premier League club Sheffield United, after a successful five-year collaboration.