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Live Nation’s all-in pricing programme aids sales uptick

Live Nation says its all-in ticket pricing policy has initiated an increase in completed sales during its first six months.

Live Nation said there has been an 8% in increase in completed sales since the programme was rolled out across its venues and festivals in the US last year. The group said the all-in pricing initiative has proven beneficial for both fans and artists at nearly 9,000 shows so far. It said this was due to greater transparency for fans, increasing sales for artists and fewer abandoned carts at checkout.

Live Nation noted that what it described as “encouraging data” comes at a critical time as policymakers in the House prepare to vote on the TICKET Act, which aims to ensure transparent pricing for consumers among other ticket reforms.

“Showing the total cost to walk in the door upfront is better for fans and artists. We’re proud to have led the industry in adapting this commonsense policy, and we encourage Congress to enact a nationwide law so every ticket buyer benefits from this transparency, no matter where they are buying their tickets,” said Michael Rapino, chief executive of Live Nation.

Live Nation has advocated for a nationwide all-in pricing mandate, and actively supported the passage of all-in pricing laws in state legislatures across the country. However, it added that many resale platforms are still not compliant with these state-led transparency standards.

“The company advises consumers to be on the lookout for illegal drip pricing on other ticketing platforms and to report such cases to their state Attorney General’s office,” the company added. “Live Nation also supports other ticketing reforms that benefit consumers including banning speculative ticketing, allowing artists to cap resale markups, enhancing legislation against buying tickets with bots, and more.”