UK Music calls on party leaders to develop ‘world-leading music strategy’ ahead of general election 

Featured Image: Sebastian Ervi on Unsplash

UK Music has called on party leaders to place a focus on music during their general election campaigns, asking them to commit to supporting jobs and growth. 

In a letter to political leaders, UK Music interim chief executive Tom Kiehl outlined how potential future leaders of the country should devise a comprehensive, long-term music strategy to help growth in the sector. The industry already contributes £6.7bn ($8.5bn/€7.8bn) to the UK economy and supports 210,000 jobs.

The call to develop a music strategy has previously been outlined in UK Music’s Manifesto for Music, highlighting the industry’s key demands ahead of the general election on July 4.

Proposals from UK Music include ensuring AI (artificial intelligence) supports human artistry through strong copyright standards, clear labelling and record keeping requirements, and protections for the personality rights of music makers; fixing the European touring crisis by securing an agreement with the EU; introducing a tax credit to encourage new UK music production; investing millions more in music education; and securing a fair deal to end ‘rip-off’ secondary ticketing practices.

“We want the next government to develop a comprehensive, medium to long-term world-leading music strategy for growth,” wrote Kiehl.

“A forward-thinking roadmap, formulated by policymakers and industry, will drive growth and success through this crucial period.

“Delivering on these asks and achieving a national music strategy will help deliver the action needed to keep the UK at the forefront of the global music industry.”

Concluding his letter, Kiehl said: “I wish you the best of luck in your campaigning and hope that supporting music is a key part of your manifestos.

“Together, we can work together to make the UK the best place in the world to create, perform and consume music.”