Wolves insist season ticket price hikes are “crucial”

Featured Image: Ben Sutherland/Flickr

Wolverhampton Wanderers has defended its season ticket price increases, calling them “crucial” in response to an angry backlash from fans.

petition calling for the decision to be reversed had garnered more than 14,000 signatures after the price rise, which most notably saw under-14s tickets go from £105 ($135/€125) to £290.

“The Premier League is incredibly competitive, requiring continued investment to maintain a strong position,” read a statement from the English football club.

“As we enter our seventh consecutive season in the Premier League, our aim is to continue to compete at the highest level. This ticket revenue increase is a crucial step in achieving these goals and continuing to compete with our peers in the league.”

The club launched a frequently asked questions page in order to address concerns about the price increase in what it said was a commitment to transparency.

Organisers of the petition claimed that the move had sent shockwaves through the fan base and that supporters were left disillusioned, angry, and frustrated.

However, the club insists that the increase is necessary to keep pace with other teams in the league.

“Each season, the club conducts a thorough analysis and benchmarking of ticket prices across other clubs,” the statement continued.

“This year, the review showed that our adult prices were lower than most, while junior prices were among the lowest in the league.

“To align more closely with comparable clubs, we decided to increase prices. The adjustment this season means that minimal increases, or even price freezes, will be possible in subsequent seasons.”