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TickPick launches new offering TickPick Sell

Featured Image: Ron Smith on Unsplash

Ticket marketplace TickPick has launched TickPick Sell, which will include new features to address issues present in the industry including transfer efficiency, sales velocity and scams. 

New features include Boost Listing, which will provide sellers with the option to enhance the visibility of their listings, by offering buyers a 5% TickPick Credit Boost. AutoPrice will utilise TickPick’s existing dynamic pricing strategies to adjust ticket prices in real time, while FanLink will provide users with a direct fan-to-fan checkout experience.

FanLink combines the security of selling through a certified marketplace, but still allows fans to sell to other fans. If a fan wants to sell their tickets to a friend, family member or via social media, they can create a FanLink on TickPick and share it with the buyer.

Additional features include AutoList, allowing sellers to broadcast and distribute their ticket listings across all major marketplaces, and AutoTransfer, enabling sellers to transfer their tickets directly to TickPick when posting a listing. TickPick then takes care of the rest, ensuring a seamless transfer of tickets from seller to buyer within minutes of purchase.

“We’ve long been at the forefront of innovation in the ticketing space, providing fans the best prices on tickets and are now empowering them with industry-leading tools for listing and selling tickets,” said TickPick co-chief executive Brett Goldberg.

“Pulling from the playbook of social media advertising and the rise of online communities, TickPick Sell reimagines the ticket selling process and makes it easier for both general fans and professionals to sell tickets.”

Co-CEO Chris O’Brien added: “We spent a lot of time analysing trends across the ticketing industry and these features are designed specifically to align with where the space is headed.

“TickPick continues to distinguish itself from other marketplaces through its technology. TickPick Sell will help supercharge our growth and adoption amongst sellers similar to what we’ve done with buyers.”