Ticombo takes legal action against UEFA and Belgian state

Online ticketing resale platform Ticombo has taken legal action against UEFA and the Belgian state, as it claims the pair have undertaken practices in violation of European law and abused a dominant position that directly harms consumer interests.

Ticombo is aiming for the enforcement of strict compliance with European regulations on free competition and the prevention of abuses by event organisers.

It is also seeking to raise awareness of what it believes to be a need to evolve current regulations in countries such as Belgium, France, and Italy to facilitate ticket resales.

In the case of legal action against the Belgian state, Ticombo is seeking damages for “the harm suffered”.

“Ticombo, alongside a number of consumers, is suing the Belgian state and questioning the legality of the Belgian law on ticket resale before the Brussels Court of First Instance,” read a Ticombo statement.

“Simultaneously, we have filed a complaint with the European Commission against the practices of UEFA and other major sport regulators. Their practices in the ticket resale market are, especially concerning Euro 2024, directly harmful to consumers and violate European competition law.”

In 2013, Belgium adopted a law on “the resale of access tickets to events” which broadly prohibits any type of ticket resale.

For its complaint filed against UEFA with the European Commission, Ticombo claimed the football governing body has violated European competition law for this year’s European Championship.

“UEFA self-proclaims a monopoly on the resale market though abusive terms and conditions, thus excluding all other operators, including platforms that offer high levels of security, and harming consumers’ interests,” read a Ticombo statement.

The statement further claimed that “UEFA also engages in abusive price setting by ensuring that tickets are not, in principle, resold at a price lower than the initial sale price”.

Ticombo is represented by the Dupont-Hissel law firm, which is recognised for its work in EU law cases, most recently in the ‘European Super League’ case.

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