The UK software house powering ticket sales

Jose San Miguel, Managing Director of Nuweb Group, talks to TheTicketingBusiness about the benefits of utilising a white label model for ticketing companies looking to make the ticket-buying process as simple as possible…

Nuweb Group develops white label solutions designed for new ticketing providers to swiftly enter the market and for existing providers seeking to upgrade to the latest technology.

The Manchester-based group offers a range of products around white label ticketing, access control, and payment solutions. Nuweb has carved out a niche by working with ticketing startups around the world, allowing them to adopt the underlying technologies for ticket sales.

Nuweb’s approach centres on delivering a global infrastructure that adapts to local needs. This model allows ticketing teams to adopt the latest technology whilst managing the unique demands of their own markets. 

Clients benefit from platform configurations, feature-rich APIs (Application Programming Interface), SDKs (Software Development Kit), and embeddable components that allow these partners to tailor the software to their specific demographics and needs.

Jose San Miguel, Managing Director of Nuweb Group

“Nuweb Group’s competitive edge lies in its ability to offer a high degree of customisation and flexibility,” explained Jose San Miguel, Managing Director of Nuweb Group.

“Whether it’s adjusting to local payment methods, integrating with regional marketing strategies, or adhering to specific regulatory requirements, Nuweb’s tools are designed to be adaptable.

“A white label model cuts down the development work and costs associated with it while making the time to market way shorter than in the past — allowing an overall ‘leaner’ approach to starting a business.

“Instead of being good at many things, companies can just focus on the last mile of value they provide, the one thing they can excel at better than anyone else. These services can focus on doing only one thing and utilise other services for everything else.”

Founded in 2011, Nuweb has grown its user base and list of global partners. However, it continues to remain under the radar, with its products aiding the ticketing sector from behind the scenes.

“I believe that the best technology is the kind that you don’t even notice – it just works. It’s a core principle of our operation as a white label provider, we need to ensure our solutions are so seamless that end users remain blissfully unaware of our existence,” continued San Miguel.

“We remain relatively under the radar, as our products are primarily used behind the scenes by well-known ticketing brands.

“I believe our success in collaborating with successful ticketing providers is driven by our agility and ability to rapidly turn ideas into reality. Free from bureaucracy, we’re able to iterate and improve our products at a pace that most larger companies cannot match.”

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