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Queensland places focus on night time economy

Featured Image: Seth Reese on Unsplash

The Queensland Government has announced its intention to appoint a Night Life Economy Commissioner to work with businesses, live music venues and entertainment precincts across the Australian state. 

Aiming to create a vibrant and safe nightlife environment, the role will be supported by funding as part of the upcoming State Budget.

The new commissioner will work alongside the industry to support, promote and advocate for key aspects of the night life economy, with an emphasis on growth, sustainability and diversity.

“I know small businesses are doing it tough and none more so than arts businesses and live music venues, which are the lifeblood of precincts and communities across the state,” said Queensland Premier Steven Miles.

“Our night time economy helps generate millions each year and supports jobs across the state, in small business, arts, entertainment, tourism and more.”

Miles added: “Queensland is already home to some of the best bars, restaurants, and live entertainment venues in the country and creating this role will only make it better. A thriving and safe night time economy means a thriving city– one that keeps our young and brightest in good jobs, delivering for Queensland.”

While a focus will be placed on Brisbane – Queensland’s capital and the third-most populous city in Australia – the role has been designed to encourage growth across all venues and destinations in the state.

Queensland’s Minister for Small Business Lance McCallum added: “Queensland’s nightlife economy has always outdone itself on the national and international stage; boasting iconic live music venues, theatres, arts, entertainment, festivals, hospitality, night life and tourist activities that make our cities vibrant cultural hubs and economic powerhouses.”