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NTIA urges political parties to prioritise night time economy

Featured Image: Tom Chen on Unsplash

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is calling on all political parties in the UK to implement a national strategy and appointing specific leadership within the government prior to the General Election on July 4.

The organisation has put forward several proposals which are aimed at fostering growth, resilience, and sustainability within the sector.

The first is for the appointment of a Minister for the night time economy which is claimed will ensure focused attention and strategic direction.

In addition to this, the establishment of regional representatives and a central government strategy is advised to implement uniform policies.

“The night time economy is a critical component of our cultural and economic landscape,” said NTIA chief executive Michael Kill.

“These measures are essential for its recovery, giving it the ability to grow and fuel regeneration. We urge all political parties to consider these important recommendations.”

The NTIA is also calling for control of the night time economy to be transferred to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, a national fund to be established to support cultural venues, and the creation of an integrated licensing and planning system.

“The current government has failed the nighttime economy,” said night time economy advisor for Greater Manchester Sacha Lord.

“All political parties should seize the opportunity in the coming weeks to understand the significant impact the nighttime economy has on both the economy and culture.

“It’s crucial to recognise that the patrons of our venues, events, and festivals are the voters of the future. Their experiences today will influence their decisions at the ballot box tomorrow.

“Nightlife, encompassing the enjoyment of events with close friends, family, and communities, plays a vital role in people’s lives. The government’s neglect of this sector, especially in their prospective manifestos, undermines the future of high streets and cultural spaces. Nighttime cultural spaces not only bolster the local economy, but also contribute significantly to the national economy. With proper support, they have the potential to recover, grow, and fulfil their crucial role.”

The Music Venue Trust, a charity that represents grassroots music venues, also made a similar call to politicians earlier this week.

It released a report which set out steps that it claims need to be taken in order to stop venues shutting down.

The Labour Party, meanwhile, has included a pledge to introduce new consumer protections on ticket resales in its election manifesto.