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Little Lion Entertainment completes acquisition of The Ents Inc.

Featured Image: Little Lion Entertainment

London-based immersive attractions company Little Lion Entertainment has acquired The Ents Inc., which is the creator of Games Arenas and Chaos Karts and is also based and operational in the UK.

The partnership is said to represent “another noteworthy milestone” as Little Lion Entertainment is set to release “brand-new, never-before-seen-before games”.

“If a Games Arena is the console, then Chaos Karts and each further Game will be the cartridge that goes into it,” said Little Lion Entertainment chief executive Tom Lionetti-Maguire.

“I say cartridge because I instinctively think of the N64 that defined the gaming of my childhood. And like any console, whilst the initial outlay is large, games can be developed for much less; which means endless content and infinite repeatability.

“So, when you compare that to spending 100s millions on a theme park extension, 10s of millions on a rollercoaster or even millions on a stand-alone attraction, we really feel this is the future of entertainment.

“Our second game is an action puzzle adventure in partnership with one of the most famous IPs in the known universe- it is seriously going to knock people’s socks off!”

Little Lion Entertainment is about to introduce its latest game ‘The Crystal Maze Mini’ in cooperation with The Ents Inc. It is designed for the international market and claimed to be more economically and sustainably constructed while retaining the gamification, theatricality, and product quality of the original.

The first Chaos Karts opened in London in the summer of 2021, and other locations have since opened in Manchester in September 2023 and Dubai in March 2024. 

This latest acquisition is just the beginning for the company as it is actively searching for similar new purchases to make. This includes wet-led or competitive socialising or a non-competitive operator.

“There are clear and obvious similarities that link immersive experiences and competitive socialising, fundamentally how they bring people together and how they bring people joy,” said managing director of Little Lion Entertainment Neil Dolan.

“Little Lion Entertainment has been at the forefront of the experience revolution since its inception and is now midway through a record-breaking year for the company. The success of The Ents Inc. acquisition highlights the strength of our business, and we are working to understand where further opportunities lie to deliver further growth. As such, we are proactively evaluating the available opportunities to further bolster our portfolio of brands.”